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My cat loves it - goes in it every day. Took a while but now he can't wait to go "outside". I wish the bottom was sturdier and that it had some kind of a handle on it - but still well worth it. on September 17, 2017

**Best to lay your pet's favorite blanket on the bottom to protect and cushion your pet. Lisa ;-)

My cats love it. It is kind of hard to figure out how to collapse it but it's a great thing for pets. on September 1, 2017
**Remember to review our video to learn how to collapse and stow it away. Lisa ;-)
This looked like a great idea when I saw it on Amazon. I planned to place it outside on my deck, put the cat in it, and zip it closed. He seems to love his tent, but only when the door's open. He sleeps in it regularly and considers it his new bed. I'm back to figuring out what to do for the deck. on August 14, 2017
**To gain your pet's trust acclimate your pet as slowly as your pet needs and zip it closed a few minutes at a time and build that time up.  Lisa ;-) 
Finally we can take little cat out on open porch safely... loves it
on April 30, 2017
Awesome product. made well and is easy to fold and store away. My cat love hanging out in it while on the porch. on April 27, 2017
Great Tent!!! My Cat LOVES being outside but this makes it safe and he loves laying in the sun, and just enjoying the nice weather. on April 13, 2017
Prince loves it! Worked out exactly as planned...he settled right in and it allows me to keep him away from the grass when he would be on his leash! on April 3, 2017
Kitty loved this. She rode 1400 miles in comfort and safety. on March 11, 2017
I ordered this for my 3 indoor cats and could not be more pleased. The product arrived in 2 days which was unexpected! It was easy to assemble and is easy to put back away for storage. My 3 kitties love to be on our balcony, but it is too dangerous to have them outside because we live on the 3rd floor and they can fit through the railing. This tent is perfect and fits all 3 of them (8,10, and 12lbs) at once, they can sun bathe or watch the birds. Would purchase from this seller again! on February 27, 2017
I live close to a major highway, and my three-legged tortoiseshell named Ginger absolutely loves her tent. She regularly asks to go out in it to keep a watchful eye on the local bird and rodent population. It's well constructed, even as she lunges toward her perceived prey. on January 24, 2017
This is an excellent product to keep my kitten from running out the door when I have to leave it ajar to carry items in or out. It also keeps her out of mischief when the cleaners are here. on December 29, 2016
Fast and prompt shipping from seller! The price was great and the item was just as expected. Received it very, very fast. Couldn't be more pleased with this transaction. My daughter is just thrilled with the tent and so are her 2 cats! They love it! It truly gives indoor cats a safe way to experience the outdoors and some fresh air. The owner of this company takes her personal care in ensuring that you happy as a customer, as well! Great product and customer service! Kudos!
on December 11, 2016
My Ragdoll cat enjoys being outside in this when we are out playing with the dogs. It keeps him from escaping the yard, and he has some room to move around. I may purchase a larger one that actually has room for him to run in. It seems very well built, he has all his claws and no problem with tears or holes.
on December 9, 2016
My kitties love hanging out in this. I live in an apartment without a private balcony and it's perfect for them to lay in and not run away. on December 8, 2016
Our little buddy loves it! Excellent construction, size, and great shipping/communication from Nala and Company. on November 21, 2016
Loves it! on November 10, 2016
Super sturdy- keeps the cat in! She really enjoys being outside and jumping at passing bugs and I enjoy knowing she is safe and happy. Easily pops opens and closes just as handily. Fits right back into its handled bag. on October 27, 2016
Exactly what I was looking for. My cat loves it as she can spend time outside with the dogs. She's's safe and I do not have to worry about anything happening to the birds and dragonflies. on October 24, 2016
Great little tent for our kitty's when we travel. Gives them plenty of room and it's not to big for the truck backseat floor on October 19, 2016
My cats enjoy being outside so this cat tent provides us with the best outdoor option. Roaming outside is not an option for my cats. Too much harm could come to them. In this tent, they are safe and comfortable. It is well made, lightweight and portable. I do want to mention that I contacted thecseller with a question and they responded immediately. Very pleased with this purchase. 
on October 13, 2016

 My new cats will be very pleased. on October 9, 2016

We bought this for our bearded dragon to have a safe enclosure to be used outside and indoor, she loves it! And it's nice to have her contained somewhere safe so she can enjoy being out of her terranium! n September 10, 2016

 Love this product and my cat loves it too! He took right to it and I cannot wait to have him outside on the patio with us. on August 26, 2016

 My "indoor" cat loves this! She can safely be outside with us 

on August 25, 2016